Albachem Apply Film/Decal Application Fluid

Albachem Apply Film/Decal Application Fluid


APPLY is an application fluid for vinyl and other film media on hard surface substrates. APPLY will assist in the placement of the graphics, removal of air bubbles, and promote better adhesion.  APPLY will also clean the substrate prior to application.  Greatly assists in the application of larger graphics. Great for use on cars, glass, signs, metal, and other smooth painted surfaces.


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• Cleans substrate
• Floats Film
• Speeds bonding
• Low odor, high flashpoint

Directions for use:
Clean substrate throughly with APPLY and lint free cloth or paper towel. Spray substrate with APPLY, peel off backing and position graphic. Once graphics are perfectly positioned, tape in place (if desired) then squeegee out liquid working from the center outward using a good deal of pressure. Wait a couple of minutes and spray cover tape (if any) with APPLY and remove. Wipe down with clean paper towel.


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