AlbaChem Remove Film Adhesive Removal Fluid

AlbaChem Remove Film Adhesive Removal Fluid


REMOVE is an easy to use, non-toxic adhesive remover that will not damage or discolor most painted surfaces.  Fast acting, REMOVE will quickly breakdown adhesive residue allowing it to be scraped off and wiped away in minutes.  Great for use on cars, trucks, boats, metal, glass and any properly cured painted surface.

• Installers’ Choice
• Water soluble
• Fast acting
• Low odor, high flashpoint


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Directions for use:
Use on glass, fiberglass, vinyl painted surfaces that have been properly cured. TEST ON AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA FOR for compatibility. AVOID USE on latex painted surfaces, styrofoam, styrene surfaces or plastics.

1. Soften graphic using heat gun or lamp.Pull the graphic off slowly at an angle.
2. Spray glue residue with REMOVE and let penetrate for 1 – 2 minutes (maximum).
3. Using a squeegee, scrape to remove glue residue.
4. Apply by spraying REMOVE on a paper towel and wipe surface clean.
5. Rinse surface with AlbaChem APPLY Application Fluid or water.



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